Jewellery Pouch Atelier Calfskin Black


Atelier Calfskin

Inside the Jewellery Pouch are tabs to secure your necklaces and rings at the top. Then two smaller pockets for bracelets. There is a longer pocket at the bottom with a smaller pocket inside.

The flap closure is secured with two leather covered snaps.

This piece holds all your jewellery without taking a lot of space. Everything stays safe and secured and the tactile quality of rolling the piece up feels luxurious and rare.


Atelier Calfskin is the signature leather of our house.

It is a French calfskin that has a soft and buttery touch with a smooth, polished finish and a subtle shine.

It ages beautifully over time, becoming even more soft with wear.


Exterior: Atelier Calfskin Black

Interior: Alcantara Amarone

Dimensions: Width 22cm. Height (closed) 10.5cm. Height (opened) 30cm. Depth (closed) 4cm. Depth (opened) 1.5cm.

Made in Italy