Clothing Pouch Small Signature Canvas From Dusk Till Dawn


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Our Clothing Pouch Small is designed to protect the contents inside to keep everything neat and organized, like a miniature trunk.

This is ideal for a journey with a number of stops. It effortlessly allows you to pull out whichever pouch you need rather than constantly refolding your clothes.

The packing pouches are to be used together and stacked inside your bag based on what you need for that journey.


Our Signature Canvas has been carefully treated through our unique development to be durable and water resistant while allowing the natural texture of the linen to come through.

Our From Dusk Till Dawn pattern has a faded appearance from left to right in homage to our traveler on the go from morning to night. It was handmade by a Parisian artist using over 6000 stipples in every diamond. Our brand’s philosophy, Love Or Nothing Baby, is integrated into the pattern with art deco inspired lettering.

The interior lining is made from our Alcantara Amarone, which punctuates the black and matte bronze colors of the pattern.


Exterior: Signature Canvas From Dusk Till Dawn

Interior: Alcantara Amarone

Dimensions: Width 9.1’’. Height 9.1’’. Depth 3.9’’.

Made in Italy

Water and Scratch Resistant